Finding the Note

There is a note from you, i found it when i looking for my english book. you wrote in facebook as your status. before i going home almost two years ago, after i finish my studied. i read it like a signed from you. so i try to wrote again in my notes.

“a blade can kill and fire can incinerate, but only a mind can truly destroy, chaos can be created, but it can be ordered”

“august i’ll see you soon. under yellow moon where i’ll gather what left of you”

” when there’s a shadow near reach for the sun, when there is love in you, look for the one. when there’s a journey. you follow the star when there’s an ocean you sail from a far”

“summer when the day is over there’s a heart a little colder, someone said goodbye, but you dont know why”

hmmm… i always miss you ..#smile
we meet again

me and my prof.


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